Monday, April 29, 2019

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

After a posting issue last week caused a same-day cancellation of the main meeting, the agenda for this week includes the entire agenda from last week, which I covered here. As Worcester Magazine notes, the executive session again includes the superintendent's contract.

In addition to some new recognitions and such, it also includes:
  • requested acceptance of a grant for $110,000 for improving mental health access; it appears that this is $10,000 for professional development and $100,000 to "secure supervision" for community agencies to provide the actual mental health services, which would appear to mean that this is simply to keep the buildings open.
  • requested acceptance of a state grant of $178,560 for teacher diversification, which only runs through August?, to include: assessment of practices in the school district by a state designated vendor to review district policies and procedures and identify the cultural proficiency and anti-bias training neesd for district hirning managers, teachers, principals, and school committee members...
    ...which seems like a report that ought to be made public, plus support for IAs to become teachers.
  •  voting for the delegate and alternate for the MASC annual Delegate Assembly (in November...)
  • a prior year payment of $1,069.10 to a custodian 
  • a prior year payment of $3,038 to a computer tech 
  • a prior year payment of $1,444.43 to a nurse
  • Ms. McCullough, supported by Mr. Monfredo and Mr. O'Connell, suggests the hiring of a Director of Corporate and Community Relations 
  • Ms. Biancheria, along with Mr. Monfredo and Mr. O'Connell, requests "that the Facility Division clean areas of growth at school sites to make student pathways clear and safe." 

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