Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Round-up from yesterday in Worcester

Following up on yesterday's column and the post on disciplinary disparities, there were a number of other things that happened:
  • School committee member John Monfredo called into Hank Stoltz's radio show to deny that any racism in the Worcester Public Schools; you can find a transcript of that here.
  • The full statement from the Worcester Coalition for Education Equity was published.
  • Worcester Magazine interviewed John Monfredo, got a statement from Superintendent Binienda, found lots of unanswered calls, and wrote something up. 
  • The Telegram wrote something just on the two statements.
  • Worcester News Tonight did a piece on it. 
  • WCEE sent out invitations to a press conference and call to action for 6:30 on Thursday at City Hall, before Thursday's School Committee meeting.
More as I have it. 

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