Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Worcester election season round # ?

Two from this week already:

  • For about as long as I've been paying attention, spring of an election year in Worcester brings the biannual City Council filing of items around schools, and while this week's item on policing wasn't the first (there were, for example, items requesting specific sports teams at specific schools), it met with a strong rebuke. Let's acknowledge, of course, that this reaction stems as much from where the item came from--Councilor Lukes--as it did anything to do with the item, as it seems councilors also took the chance to swear one by one that they would of course always support any police department request

  • If the way this Governance meeting played out doesn't strike you as odd, brush up on your roles and responsibilities. The School Committee does policy/budget/evaluation/goals, and the administration does day to day management. Pop quiz, then: from whom should a list of specific directives on how the schools would manage heat come? 

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