Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Worcester School Committee meets TOMORROW!

We have the July meeting of the Worcester School Committee tomorrow at 4 at City Hall. (Different time, same location) You can find the agenda here.
We have a two-fer on congratulating and thank the Ecotarium.
There is no report of the Superintendent; note that this means that we are not voting on next year's standardized test plans this month. I suspect this is because we have several members out for this meeting; I haven't heard yet when we will vote.
We have two reports from subcommittees: Accountability (my notes here and here) and our joint committee with City Council (notes here and here).
We have two reports coming back on instructional assistants: the number of hours per school that they work; and how they are paid when they cover a class.
We have two donations coming in for Worcester Tech.
We're being asked to accept a grant for $94,279 for machine shop equipment at Worcester Tech, and a grant for $10,000 for a writing program at Worcester Arts Magnet.
We have an item to work on the bids for transportation in Finance and Operations, as our transportation contracts are up this year.
We are being asked to amend the social media policy.
Mr. Monfredo is asking us to consider putting ads on school buses.
Mr. O'Connell is referring the changes in Erate (as previously discussed in F&O) be referred to F&O.
Mr. Monfredo is commending those responsible for the redone library at Worcester East Middle, and asking reminding us of World Smile Day (October 3).
Ms. Ramirez calls our attention to Jennifer Cordero for being selected for the Hispanic Youth Research and Leadership program at the University of New Mexico.
The city auditor is requesting that we pass the Misc Ed OM account again, specifying the three accounts into which it goes. 
We have our usual "now that we've passed the budget, we might need to make transfers" item, heading to F&O.
Mr. O'Connell calls to the attention of our PTOs and such that there is a new way of being recognized as a 501(c)3. 
He also wants to thank those who educated our students on solar energy.
It is time to appoint someone to represent us on the collaborative board (this tends to be the superintendent).
Miss Biancheria would like additional information on the new regs on explusion and suspension and its implementation. 
She'd also like an update on the Worcester East Middle School science labs.
Mr. Monfredo wants to know if the attendance campaign last year worked.
I think we should talk to the state about the foundation formula (now that they have a committee considering it), the City Council about the capital budget, and the City Council about the city's investment in education. 
I'm also sending the dress code (the student dress code, from the student handbook) to Governance, and I want to talk about implementation, too. More on that tomorrow. 
And we have a prior year payment of $4,166.75 we're being asked to authorize. 
There is NO executive session.

Tomorrow at 4! 

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