Monday, July 14, 2014

AFT calls for Secretary Duncan to be put on a improvement plan

Adding to the calls for a different federal direction, the American Federation of Teachers passed a resolution calling for Secretary Duncan to be put on an improvement plan:
The “improvement plan” would include the requirement that Duncan enact the funding and equity recommendations of the Equity Commission’s “Each and Every Child” report; change the No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top “test-and-punish” accountability system to a “support-and-improve” model; and “promote rather than question” teachers and school staff...AFT President Randi Weingarten said in a statement sent to POLITICO that the amendment “is basically saying, ‘Enough is enough.’ Teachers are evaluated and their future livelihoods are linked to that. And when they fall short, they should have a chance to improve. And that’s what this special order represents.”
The plan was laid out in an amendment tacked onto a resolution codifying AFT’s “Commitment to Fighting Back and Fighting Forward” on labor and education issues.
 Last week the National Education Association called for his resignation. 

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