Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some coverage from yesterday

  • Hey, the Globe talked to a parent! From Boston! Who worked against the bill! Maybe the Globe will realize that such parents exist now?
  • Probably the most informative press coverage on this I've seen has come from MassLive, who not only got some good quotes from Senator Chang-Diaz, but scored an interview with Senate President Murray. I'd recommend reading that, as it has insight not only into what happened yesterday (for example: "In some ways, the vote could be looked at as a reflection of the changing makeup of the Senate that has seen an influx of more liberal members in recent years. Murray said she was surprised by the final tally, and noted that “progressives” voted against the bills"), but the largest question of how and why people vote the way they do (much discussion of a democratic process). Those running around waving their hands in their air and yelling about teachers' unions are missing the conversations constituents had with Senators and a Senate leadership that allowed them to vote the way they chose to.
  • The T&G has updated their article since yesterday. 
  • possibly more to come, but that's what I've got so far...

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