Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday reading

A few recommendations, in case you're stuck inside during Hurricane Arthur:
  • This post in the Shaker Blog demonstrates that we have a summer reading gap, just not necessarily only where you'd think: parents, when surveyed, think that their kids are reading plenty, when it's not clear that they are, to wit:“Parents of 5-11 year olds report that their child spent an average of 5.9 hours per week reading books last summer. This is lower than the time spent playing outdoors (16.7 hours), watching TV (10.8 hours), or playing video games (6.6 hours).” You'll get no complaints here on kids being outside, but some switching up on the screentime would help, and perhaps parents need better information on how much reading is really enough.
  • This post on CIPA (that's the Children's Internet Protection Act, with which schools are required to comply to qualify for and continue to receive federal technology funds) and the effect it has on the education we're giving our kids on using the online world. The main takeaway? Don't avoid; teach.
  • Curmugucation has been following the New Mexico complaint from American Institutes for Research about the non-competative nature of the bidding process for PARCC, which resulted in the contract being awarded to Pearson. A judge had ruled that the state had to hear the complaint ahead of going forward with the test. The state has now heard the complaint and rejected it. Comments from PARCC (including Massachusetts Commissioner Mitchell Chester) here
  • And I am very late pointing this out, but the Detroit Free Press has been running an extended investigative series on Michigan charter schools, which is well worth checking out. 
Enjoy the holiday and the hurricane!

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