Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking care of kids

This is horrifying:
SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras — Anthony O. Castellanos disappeared from his gang-ridden neighborhood on the eastern edge of Honduras’s most dangerous city, so his younger brother, Kenneth, hopped on his green bicycle to search for him, starting his hunt at a notorious gang hangout known as the “crazy house.”
They were found within days of each other, both dead. Anthony, 13, and a friend had been shot in the head; Kenneth, 7, had been tortured and beaten with sticks and rocks. They were among seven children murdered in the La Pradera neighborhood of San Pedro Sula in April alone, part of a surge in gang violence that is claiming younger and younger victims.
I would urge you to read all of today's New York Times cover story on this. It is not illogical for parents to be fleeing and sending their children away from these conditions. Of course they are. Any of us would do the same.
And we shouldn't be sending the kids back to that, either.

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