Thursday, July 31, 2014

advertising on buses

Monfredo: WEDF support system
looking to pilot putting ads on school buses for revenue
asking that administration work with the WEDF
Novick: distressed to see item on this
students are not an opportunity for moneymaking or advertising
entrusted with children
this should not be considered: motion to file the item
O'Connell: understand situation, support referring to standing committee for discussion
have had areas of concern with regards to advertising
weigh options, thorough consideration needed
Boone: administration has met with WEDF a number of times on this issue; will give perspective should it go to standing committee
Novick: could we have admin's perspectivve at this time?
Boone: real concerns on this issue
looked at other districts that have done this
concerns relative to safety, people not paying attention to stop arm as they read advertising
followed up with WEDF on this issue
motion to file fails, 3-2 (Novick and Ramirez in favor)
motion to submit 3-2; item goes to standing committee
This is going to Finance and Operations.

Friday morning update: if you're interested in what sort of revenue numbers come through on these, the numbers aren't impressive.That's not even two teachers' salaries. 

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