Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finance and Operations (mostly operations) update

Today's (early) Friday letter includes a Finance and Operations memo, which you can find here.
  • First up, the annual school choice report, in both directions: 480.5 students choicing out, 85.2 choicing in. The district receiving the largest number of WPS pupils is West Boylston (that's a change, incidently; it's been Wachusett for a number of years) at 130, followed by Wachusett (109), Berlin-Boylston (65.3), Leicester (29.4), and Auburn (20.7). We're receiving the largest number of students from Shrewsbury (14.4), Leicester and Wachusett (11 each).
  • The summer feeding schedule is also forwarded, but you can also find it here. Any child under 18 can visit and get lunch Monday through Saturday, save July 4 and 5. Locations include all library locations (including the schools), Union Hill School, and both state pools. Please pass this along to anyone in the city who could use the information. Summer can be a hungry time for kids.
  • We also have the solar panel update. Roof coatings ahead of the panels going in looks as though it's mostly complete; most panels are going in now, 'though South's will be going up in September, and Norrback's in November.
  • As for MSBA (you got some of this already, so I'll give you what's new), it looks like Worcester Arts Magnet and Columbus Park will have their windows for school, or shortly thereafter; no date on Chandler Magnet, but that's finishing a second year, so let me check; Tatnuck Magnet is going to be a second shift in the fall job, as May Street and Lake View were last year, due to window manufacturing schedules; and the boiler replacement at Worcester East Middle is a complicated project, so we may be looking at a temporary one come fall (boy, I hope not!).
Let me know if you have questions!

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