Thursday, July 31, 2014

New suspension regs

on item from Biancheria
Boone: new regs "have created as many questions as answers...will come out with a report in August"
every district in the Commonwealth is doing the same
notice for parents and due process for students
planning to get that to us August 12; discussion at the August 21 meeting
there will be policy language at that time for the student handbook
Biancheria: receiving prior to the meeting, how it's going to be implemented in schools
Boone: responsibilities of School Committee will be included in communication to School Committee
Boone: suspension still allowed, removal from school still allowed, communicated in August
O'Connell asking:
  •  if Woodard Day counts as the alternative program
  • can we send students there for short times?
  • who will be our hearing officer?
  • matrix for what happens to students who are not going to be in school?
Boone: has been part of discussion with collaborative on an ongoing basis
they will be ready to address having students on a short-term basis 
Biancheria asks that what we get be sent to the EAW president, as well

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