Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tonight's Supplemental Agenda (or that $172,000)

My apologies for not getting this up yesterday, which is when we on School Committee got it. I was in a bit of an accident yesterday (not too serious, but, yes, if you're watching tonight, I do have a few stitches on my chin), and so I didn't get to it.

I've posted the full item--agenda notice, backup memo from the superintendent, proposed motion, and memo from the City Manager to Council--here. There are in fact more changes and additions than simply the transfer from Council that came through on Tuesday night:

  • There has been a (not unusual) "city aid goes down, city contribution goes down, Chapter 70 aid goes up" change.
  • There has been a (not unusual) adjustment in our charter reimbursement and charter assessment. However, due to a late reimbursement (and that IS weird; I need to ask about that), the city has agreed to hold WPS harmless to what would otherwise be a legally-allowed $265,984 decrease in budget (which I think we can agree might actually be a bigger deal than the $172,000 everyone spoke about on Tuesday).
  • The city's administrative charge has gone up by $192,981 since June (again, more to come on that).
  • And the $172,000, which administration is recommending go to hire three additional secondary teachers (we've got classes above thirty in some of the high schools).
More to come on all of this, but do take a look at the memo!

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