Thursday, October 17, 2013

Governance and Employee Issues

I should perhaps note here that the Mayor has to be at another meeting tonight; O'Connell chairing, 'though he's now passed it off to Foley so he can speak on this report
review here of the proposed procedure for co-sponsorship
Administration moving forward with establishing Title I committee; looking for an update in May
school of choice: students as ambassadors
public relations plan asked for by Monfredo
policy review: changes approved for section 1
increasing circuit breaker formula: Bill H511
health insurance to cover medically necessary expenses: Bill H901
transitory student enrollment: Bill S239

O'Connell: "we've had some obvious concerns and connection with co-sponsorship...practice is a benign one"
"highly conservative approach"
an approach that is to minimize any risk at all to the committee
"we really could decide that we could do within those grounds"
wants names added to agenda (which is explicitly forbidden by the AG's decision)
important that we don't conduct a poll
"a conservative middle course"
"this is not a case where anyone is requesting co-sponsor"

Novick: may be able to do so without deliberation, without consultation, cannot do so without directly defying the explicit finding of the Attorney General
others may wish to make their stand in civil disobedience on the open meeting law: I do not
urge adoption as proposed

Foley: this would be a violation if the names were published

Colorio: adopt as proposed from the meeting
Mayor has reappeared behind me

O'Connell: wants to talk to City Solicitor
wants to know if it needs to made without a rule amendment (which would require a 2/3 vote)
Also wants to refer his language to the City Solicitor

Novick: change in procedure, not rules; rules don't cover filing of motions

MOTION: refer to City Solicitor for his interpretation of the AG's letter, plus a ruling on the change of rules
motion passes 5-2 to go to the City Solictor
edit: I missed that the mayor had come back in partway through this, and I also tried to clear up what the motion was.

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