Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Somerville School Committee passes PARCC resolution

Last night, the Somerville School Committee unanimously passed the following resolution:

WHERAS:  the Somerville School Committee questions the reliability, validity, and equivalency of the PARCC test when compared to the MCAS test;  
NOW, THEREFORE: The Somerville School Committee voices its opposition to the roll-out plans for the PARCC test and requests that the Massachusetts Board of Education delay the vote to accept the PARCC test for one year until after the field tests have been completed and the results analyzed and, 
 FURTHER: That the Secretary to the School Committee convey the content of this motion to the Massachusetts Board of Education, the Secretary of Education, the Commissioner of Education and to the elected state representatives representing Somerville.
I should perhaps point out that the plan the Commissioner presented to the Board of Ed called for them to vote on adopting PARCC only  after the results of the 2015 tests (which would be half MCAS, half PARCC) are known.

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