Thursday, October 24, 2013

And right on cue...

...comes, as forecasted by the T&G comment section, the "Spirit of Knowledge may have failed but that DOESN'T MEAN that charter schools are bad!" editorial from our stalwart charter supporters (right down to having relatives working in them!) at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

You know, guys, this would all be a bit more believable if the department and the Board actually vetted the applications of charter schools. Spirit of Knowledge got their charter--I was at the meeting--because they were the only ones left. The Lynn applicant was going to get them into legal trouble. The proponents didn't have a good history in managing schools; they didn't have a solid financial plan; they had little evidence that they were going to attract a solid and reflective student body.
But they got their charter, anyway.
Then, they had issues with how they were dealing with students, to the extent that parents finally went to the Worcester School Committee for help. Legally, of course, we had no authority. However, when next Spirit of Knowledge came before the Board, I went to the meeting and in essence said, "Do your job. You are their School Committee. Act like it."
And still, they kept their charter.
Even this year, when they were on probation, they reportedly had NOT A SINGLE VISIT from the state.
You can talk of oversight and reaction and such all you like. It's not panning out on the ground.

And it's the kids who get hurt.

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