Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Curriculum update: professional development

Ganem: K-3
Second grade and third grade so far
grade by grade, all teachers from that grade level for three days
"really looking at the framework, looking at embedding the content"
"quite something to see all teachers from a grade level at every public school across Worcester"
binders; "everything a teacher needs to go from a three day institute and implement it all as well"
teachers feeling that they have a better and a deeper understanding of that
Biancheria: suggests adding IAs
working with Mark Brophy to see about that
many of them work two or three jobs, must consider in scheduling
don't want to see it be an inconvenience and challenge for them
Ganem: two days at start of school of PD for IAs as well
Monfredo: how is it being implemented?
Ganem: bringing them back to see what else they need: not going to be just a one shot
also instructional coaches
Monfredo looking for an update in January
building online community through Edmodo
personal relationship, as well to feel that they can access
plea here from me to not do this in a way that disrupts the classroom: that's three days the kids don't get back
Rodrigues: value of being together as a group

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