Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clarifying the "confusing gibberish": open meeting law and co-sponsorship

As my notes from yesterday have left some of you wondering just where we are with the co-sponsorship bit, here is the procedure approved the Standing Committee on Governance and Employee Issues yesterday. It will be taken up by the full committee tomorrow night.

  • Members of the committee send items directly to the School Committee clerk (with no cc).
  • Once all items are in (our items are due by noon Wednesday, the week before we meet), items are emailed out to all members.
  • Members directly respond to the clerk (again, with no cc) if they wish to co-sponsor any items.
  • The agenda will be printed with each item sponsored ONLY by the original filer.
  • The clerk will announce co-sponsorship when the chair reads the item at the meeting.
This is what was laid out by the Attorney General in her finding regarding co-sponsorship after the Open Meeting Law complaint against the City Council, and what City Solicitor Moore took us through yesterday at the meeting.

And if you EVER don't understand what I've posted, please say so! The whole point here is to clarify rather than to obscure.

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