Thursday, October 17, 2013

Report of the joint committee: F&O/Education

You can find the minutes and report out here.
Foley: continuation of ongoing meetings between Education (City Council) and Finance &Operations (School Committee)
notes that we are now over Net School Spending
master facilities plan : specs being developed right now
"will take quite a bit of time..."
transportation specs finalized soon, report should come in next few months
solar arrays coming in for six schools, generating up to 20% of electricity
WEMS science lab should be finished by the end of the calendar year
note the designer selection panel for Nelson Place meets on Tuesday at MSBA; building committee to meet soon
Mayor convening a group to work on neighborhood safety in Main South
Boone notes that we aren't talking about issues that are originating in the schools, but are coming into the schools from outside the schools
"we as a school district do not have the authority to deal with non-school issues"
"we will certainly do our part"

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