Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Physical plant updates: ESCo

ESCo projects: additional solar array projects at six schools
working out details at how projects would work
solar arrays at Belmont St, Chandler Magnet, Elm Park, North, Roosevelt, and South High
(Sullivan Middle and Worcester Tech have them already)
roofs need to be resealed; extends roof warranties on these schools for 20 more years (except for South is not getting resealed)
city has some debt services on these projects
estimates that 20% of electricity will be provided by solar arrays for these schools
13 cents per kilowat
50% for supply, 50% for electricity
continuing to pay city for supply rate for the electricity which city will use to pay off bonds
rest is seen as savings to WPS on utilities cost
note here from me that this takes a capital expense and converts it to a utility expense (which counts as net school spending), that the city is essentially charging the schools for a capital project
South High is not being resealed, removal and replacement of solar panels is included in agreement
city pays for the solar panels, city retains ownership of solar panels

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