Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Curriculum update: mathmatics

Rodrigues: we need to look into different math pilots for the elementary level
piloting four programs right now
Thompson: asked across districts: what resource is being used? what are they planning to do for new MA standards?
most districts waiting and seeing, looking to see what publishers are going to put out
researched resources that are out there and what is being developed and how it aligns to standards
can't pilot in every school, piloting in 16 schools, all four quadrants, variety of sizes, diversity of need, departmentalization, pre-K or not, income level, interest level of teachers in the district, and instructional capacity
150 teachers, 4000 students, math resources advisory committee (includes teachers, principals, parents, special ed) met Oct. 15
this committee will create a list of criteria (beyond list of standards); then will take to pilot schools to see if piloting curriculum fits criteria
teachers piloting have had 2 days for PD, plus meetings beyond
plan to have teachers of a single grade talk to all others of that grade piloting
advisory committee meeting several more times
O'Connell: different approach from Common Core on mathmatics due to literacy
Mondfredo: four different companies? No, two
Houghton Mifflin:
Go Math
Math in Focus
Math Expressions
Pearson: Visions Math
Thompson: has been skeptic, looking for them actually embedded in the curriculum, "not just a label slapped on"
Biancheria: is this a fit for the future in terms of testing? (switch from MCAS to PARCC)
Thompson: the standards are "a huge opportunity for students as they progress through math in their lives...the assessment becomes secondary"
"focused about embedding practice standards"
"if that is happening, then the assessment becomes secondary"

Biancheria: do you have the tools (on professional development) that you need?
Thompson: teaching students habits of mind
show classrooms in which habits of mind are being taught
not only the piloting, "every teacher needs access to this"

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