Monday, November 5, 2012

Thomas S. Green nominations are due!

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau's annual Thomas S. Green awards are open for nominations!

The criteria for the Thomas S. Green Awards, which are open to all city and town employees except department and division heads, are as follows:
  1. Municipal employees in Worcester County
  2. Exceptional competence and efficient handling of all assigned responsibilities.
  3. Willing performance of tasks above and beyond the call of duty.
  4. Friendly, helpful, and cooperative attitude toward the public and fellow employees.
  5. Volunteer community service outside the scope of job-related responsibilities. (Important, but not required.)
I have it on good authority that they rarely see teachers for this and don't seen nearly enough nominations of public schools employees. So: that teacher who has been so great to your child; the custodian who goes above and beyond; the secretary who is incredibly helpful...nominate them! We need to celebrate people who do this work.

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Tina Z said...

I know who I'm nominating!