Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cable contract: Channel 11

You can find the back-up here, but we're having a presentation, as well
A reminder here from Allen that you can find what they do online here
Walton: professionalized staff of Channel 11 since 2009
changed to production assistants
two major studio upgrades at Doherty and South
complete overhaul at Channel 11 to digital
used to be tapes and DVD; entirely digital
mobile equipment has been replaced; three digital cameras; communication system; mobile studio
127 live events recorded last year
had to turn down events due to time constraints
now record all subcommittee meetings (done by Ch. 11 now, instead of city's Ch.12)
broadcast live at DAB, Tech High auditorium and Harrington Room at Tech
live-streaming of events as well as archived
Cable contract was a 10 year contract that was extended
March 8, 2013 is when it's up for renewal; in assessment
previous division was 20/20/60; now is 20/25/55 (channel 11, 12, 13)
asking for 25%, to add an additional production assistant (dedicated to subcommittee meetings)
was a big difference between channel 11 and 12 directors' salaries
20% grant for capital
currently broadcast on analog as well as digital; want language that it is on all cable packages
would like to see it in HD (without letterboxes)
Charter would need to provide a fiber connection to Sklyline Drive
North High was supposed to be a site to broadcast live from; asking that it be provided to us
Foley: look at more equity
Walton: much more labor intensive, going out and filming live events
majority of what we produce is locally produced

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