Thursday, November 1, 2012


Here's the report:
We're actually not doing a terrible job for a district that has not had elementary librarians full-time since 1991. We now have part-time librarians at Union Hill, Burncoat Prep, and Chandler Elementary.
There's a few of our schools that have taken library space for classrooms; asking for information on which ones no longer have space
question on if the library at Woodland/Claremont is big enough for both schools (as it was built to do); understanding is that it is not
Monfredo speaks of wanting to get books into the hands of children and parents over the summer
O'Connell long-term goal to have staffed libraries with frequently updated books that are open for the full school day
"that we take this report as a beginning...plans for enhancing libraries, books, and supporting materials"
"what we can do to see that every school that's on this list is open 30 hours a week..."

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