Friday, November 9, 2012

Mass School Building Authority

The presentation is here:

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I couldn't stay for the entire Q&A, as this ran up against the Delegates' Assembly (and if you're reading this, MASC staff, could we please avoid that?), but a few notes.
They have not yet set a due date for the next round of Statements of Interest.
There was a question regarding vocational school size; were there differences in space calculations? The answer is yes. There is not, as yet, a vocational "model school" through MSBA ('though they got a volunteer today!).
Regarding Commissioner Chester's comments on PARCC testing, the need for increased technology, and his hopes that MSBA would fund it, Executive Director McCarthy was not as hopeful. MSBA was created and is assigned to deal with infrastructure  They do technology in schools that they build, certainly, but they don't have the funds to fund technology across the state. He agreed that they are talking to the Commissioner, but...let's just say I wouldn't plan on money from here, folks. 

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