Tuesday, November 20, 2012

City Auditor on unemployment benefits

Allen: reforms needed with regards to unemployment compensation
(this is in reference to a letter that was co-signed by our city auditor)

  • retirees who come back as tutors (for example), are laid off, and collect unemployment
  • teachers who are laid off and collect unemployment during summer months
DelSignore: reasonable expectation of being employed, cannot collect unemployment
those who work a 40 week year
"it would help the city and the school side if those things were passed"
Foley argues that cafeteria workers are not full-year contracts
Allen: can receive their pay over the full year just as teachers 
Foley: anything in the report that we should be aware of?
Allen: don't know if anyone is filing this in the new session
Foley: add to our legislative agenda
task force taken after that
Colorio: any teeth to this?

Allen: not any time soon
DelSignore: not as much as used to be

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