Monday, November 12, 2012

No decision as yet

We've just received the following from Superintendent Boone:
We have been in contact with the Mayor and City Manager regarding the situation created by this massive water main break. You are probably aware that in order to initiate repairs to the broken water main, water gates supplying the entire water treatment facility will be shut down this evening and most of the night.  The impact to residents and businesses will likely be low or no potable water flow at faucets, etc.  Once repairs are completed the main water lines will need to be flushed.  Residents and businesses can expect some discoloration in the water once the flow is returned and flushing is complete. We are monitoring this situation very closely with the city manager and the city's emergency operations team.  I am not making a decision to close schools at this time.  I will wait for updates during the evening before making that determination.  Obviously, we're concerned with the ability to prepare meals, flush toilets and bubblers available to students and staff.  We are in the process of posting information on the website and sending out through our twitter feed that no decision has been made at this time about school operations tomorrow and that any decision will be made later tonight or early in the morning.
Here's hoping we can be back up online for school tomorrow. We'll keep you posted!

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