Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bus stops, bus counts

where are the kids, how many are on which bus
if there are no kids at a stop, go several counts with a zero before the stop is dropped
slower to drop than to add; don't want to take a chance at missing a child
if we can make something more efficient
all WPS routes are posted on the WPS website
changes go to the school and to the bus company
a bus driver asks how stops are added?
typically that the school gets a request for a stop to be changed or added and that is sent to transportation
should there be a stop there, is there a child there, is there a stop that the child can go to?
sometimes we say no to new stops
"try to minimize the impact on the students who are already on the bus...what people have built their lives and their schedules around"
bus stops turned around a lot more quickly than previously
parents need to go through the principal, who does an initial evaluation, then contacts transportation
drivers need to go through their supervisors, who then contact transportation

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