Monday, November 12, 2012

Official city notice on water main break

A City 30" water line, directly off of a 40" main water line, on Chandler St in the vicinity of May Street, has failed.  The nature of the "break" is significant.  All options for repair have been assessed.  The size of the line and the required repair will require the City to shut the water gates off that feed the whole City at our Water Treatment facility.  These water gates will need to be shut down for this evening and most of the early morning hours as well. All DPW resources and talents have been brought to bear to make this complicated fix.  Too soon to tell when it will be repaired.

All residents and businesses will likely experience low or no potable water flow at their faucets, taps, etc.. during this period of repair.   Once repaired, DPW will flush main water lines where required.  Residents and business can expect discolored water once water gates at the Plant are reopened and water pressure and water flow are restored.

Residents and businesses should leave their faucets and taps on and observe water until it runs clear.  Do not leave faucets and taps on unattended.  Discolored water can stain laundry if done during this shut down and restoration period.

We will continue to keep City Council, WPS, Worcester State, residents and businesses updated via Twitter, Facebook,, Channel 12, and through local media.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Note from me: no word yet on what this means for WPS. They are talking. I'll post as soon as I know.

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