Thursday, November 8, 2012

FY14 budget memo to Council this week

At the request of the City Manager, Superintendent Boone has forwarded to the City Council a memo regarding FY14. It is a back-up for next Tuesday's Worcester City Council agenda. You can find it here (if you can fight your way through Laserfische).
If you read the memo that came to the School Committee last week in response to the item on OPEB, you saw much of this. The concerns for next year--other post employment benefits, sequestration, the end of the special ed tuition freeze, MassCore, technology--are the same. This does add the recommendation we received orally for a joint meeting of the Council's subcommittee on Education and the School Committee's committee on Finance and Operations. It also extends the superintendent's continued willingness to collaborate on a long-term financial plan for the city and the district.

And I see that WoMag has also already picked this up!

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