Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bus contract: student pick-up

Biancheria: issues on substitute drivers
substitute drivers said if students not picked up, radio in kids missed, kids not picked up
"Three times in three weeks, I felt it was something to discuss"
Hennessey: bus stops are put out that are then reviewed over the course of the year for capacity and actual student population
students capacity exceeded after certain stops; an additional bus then dispatched to pick up overloads
then routes reshuffled to have buses running that are at capacity (not over); juggle stops among buses
changes made, sent to schools, schools question why, to be sure buses are running full but not over
Foley: if we can get the information right away, we can track back what happened and why
Hennessey: this might not have been substitute drivers, even a regular driver, if they reached capacity, they had to stop putting kids on the bus
Biancheria asks if there is anything in the contract that says that substitute bus drivers need to be trained; Hennessey points to page 6 of the contract, thus routes, school locations and starting times, must be things that drivers must be familiar with
Biancheria points out that we pay $12 million a year for our transporation
bidding process for the drivers for who gets what route
Foley: how many buses do we transport daily? 11,000 students per day
nice job of picking up the contract and servicing our students
parents should contact transportation office with issues so that problems can be tracked back

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