Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Chief Accountability Officer, David Perda

School committee members were informed yesterday that the superintendent has hired David Perda for the Chief Accountability Officer post. (I've also been told that he was in town yesterday, meeting with the accountability team; I haven't met him yet.)
Currently, Mr. Perda is working for the Institute of Education Sciences as a research scientist. Previously, he worked for the Mass DoE as in the research and evaluation section for math and science department. He was an undergraduate speech major and has not worked directly in schools (he's a research guy).
His doctoral thesis (currently his doctorate appears pending from UPenn) is on national board certified teachers. He has also published on data-driven schools, the math and science teacher shortage, America's Choice in Rochester, NY, and the professionalism of the teaching profession.
He's working on a per diem basis for Worcester for now; he goes full time on July 15.
He'll be at the June 17 School Committee meeting.
I have no details on his contract.

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Tracy Novick said...

I take that back: he's making $120,000 a year.