Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

Yes, due to our April schedule being off due to holidays and vacation, we meet two weeks in a row!
You can find the agenda here.

We are honoring our Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing award winners!
And Donna Lombardi, our School Nutrition director!
And the Y, which was a great help to our crew team on their spring fundraiser!

The report of the superintendent is on the end of the three year cycle for Worcester East Middle School (my recollection is that we approved more than Worcester East Middle three years ago; I'm asking about the others)

We'll have a report coming out of F&O (which meets at noon on Thursday on the third quarter and on school lunch prices for next year).

We have a few responses from administration: on the facilities report online, on recess spending, and on Channel 11 funding.
Mr. O'Connell is asking about re-establishing the Doherty Satellite program, and is asking about bookbags in the schools.

And that's it! No executive session this week.

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