Monday, May 4, 2015

South High Incident

We've just received the following from Superintendent Boone:

I write to inform you of an incident today involving a 10th grade student at South High School who was found to be in possession of a BB gun with no BBs. It was reported to school administration by another student that the BB gun had been shown to that student. School administration responded appropriately and handled the situation, with no disruption or interruption to school operations. The BB gun was found in the student’s backpack in the locker by the school administration. The school administration received support from the Police Liaison resulting in the student being taken into custody. Mrs. Binienda was at DAB for a meeting when the incident was reported. Dr. Rodrigues, Dr. Meade-Montaque and I have spoken with her and provided assistance and support in the follow up to the incident. Mrs. Binienda is preparing a ConnectED message to parents. The school continues with normal operations.

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