Thursday, May 7, 2015

Finance and Operations: third quarter

Report is here
Allen: reflects a lot of the conversation we've had in previous quarters
projected balance has improved
drivers still extraordinary winter (and overtime), 9C cuts, and workers comp "again continues to be" greater than budgeted (even as more was included this year)
custodial overtime, balanced by projected balance in custodial salaries
"typical things that we would see at this point in the year"
transfers to process payments
Ramirez: day-to-day subs "seems high"
Allen: one of the accounts that we've traditionally underfunded, deficit "fairly typical"
Novick: overtime for weather has gone up since second quarter
removal of snow on weekends at overtime rate (during March)
Novick: building utilties up still more?
Allen: above projected, should be borne out for the rest of the year
Novick: unfrozen funds for PD, IT, curriculum supplies
Allen: balance bears out ability to thaw funds
does not impact frozen student supplies
Ramirez: additional funds for weather?
Allen: FEMA didn't funds as much as requested, meeting with city CFO later this month, will discuss
Foley: would love to see FEMA money targeted funded for materials
workers comp get closer
"especially instructional materials"
should see less in unemployment this year (due to fewer layoffs)
Allen: will see increase in instructional materials account, but will be largely for textbooks for math
Foley: "we'll keep pushing for paper"

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