Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why we're not fixing the swimming pool at South High

In our continuation of "everyone wants to be on the School Committee in the spring," we have last night's Council meeting, which, on an item put forward by Councilor Palmieri, featured a discussion of the South High swimming pool...
You can find the last round of this with Council here (scroll down for Germain's questions) during the FY14 budget session before Council. This included not only the information Mayor Petty put forward last night regarding South High's scheduled replacement (more sure now, as in 2013, it hadn't yet entered the MSBA pipeline), but also some discussion of the largest reason we can't just renovate the pool--

It sits on top of the school's electrical plant.

Moreover, (and this is what happens when an idea gets taken up by the body that doesn't actually oversee it) we not only have students in pools: the Worcester Public Schools have a swim team. You can find our list of sports on the WPS Athletics page. Their home pool is the Boys and Girls Club pool on Taintor Street.

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