Thursday, May 21, 2015

Homeschooling families

Biancheria: some emails and phone calls I received from constituents of what is included in their student activities
array of opportunities available who are attending our schools
prior to doing that, I was interested in the number of students who are homeschooled as we look at the budget over the next couple of weeks
Boone: homeschooling is the responsibility of the parents
Rodrigues: records we have are the parents who are homeschooled
we have no power of them
whatever they report to us, is what they have
we might have a roster of families who have self-reported
some parents are maybe more
that is the extent of our relationship with the child
Boone: they notify us of their intent to homeschool, then they report to us once a year
Biancheria: if you homeschool, then you do not participate in other activities
do they play football?
Rodrigues: yes they do
and maybe other options, like maybe speech
very few students who participate in our activities
Biancheria: if we go towards the budget, then towards July and August
Rodrigues: only attachment to school is through an IEP or 504
only access to services at the school leve
can provide number of families at the school level
Boone: not sure that it would be a standing committee item
regulations for homeschooling and participation in activites is already defined
Rodrigues: don't oversee the process
just accept the report
rule as such is that it's the right of the parent to choose to do that
O'Connell: do we have any sort of a notice to parents that are homeschooling of the participation of parents
Rodrigues: specific guidelines from the state and the policy
all they have to give to us is their intent to homeschool
Novick: someone who homeschooled, certain that homeschool parents know what the law says
parent actually looking for clarification of current policy in writing
Request from parents that we state that extracurricular activities are open tot them on a budget and space resource availability basis
will not make motion now, but will at time we consider our policy handbook

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