Thursday, May 7, 2015

The budget is coming! A few city notes

The WPS budget comes out tomorrow--look for it online!--and the Council gets the City Manager's budget this weekend as well.

From the Telegram's article (which is the only source I have; we don't get the municipal budget), the WPS budget is going up by the state-required $1.6 million, plus the $1 million required to meet increased transportation costs (which is not included in Net School Spending).

So, good news? We'll meet Net School Spending for FY16.
Plus, the planning year for the Advanced Academy is included in funds from the courthouse sale.

Bad news? We're not going over the minimum (or if we are, it's by the Advanced Academy planning year), and we're not making a dent in the $3 million carryover from previous fiscal years.

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