Sunday, May 3, 2015

Finance and Operations meets Thursday

We're having a rare midday F&O meeting to squeeze in the third quarter report and school lunch changes necessary. Thus, two items on the agenda:

  • third quarter budget report: big news here, I'd say, is that the freeze of the four accounts we're using to save the IA positions that we'd lose due to the midyear Quality Kindergarden grants is somewhat lessened: staff development, technology, and curriculum supplies are all now frozen at $20,000, while environmnental management remains frozen at $50,000. You'll see that there are three budget transfers recommended.
  • school lunchh prices for next year: we are federal required to gradually raise our charged school lunch price to eventually reach the price we are federally reimbursed for each free lunch (you can see how this gets calculated on the attached report). That means that we're going to have to raise full price lunch next year to $1.80.

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