Thursday, May 21, 2015

Claremont Academy Innovation plan

...can be found here.
Or you can read a summary here.
Boone: innovation fellowships: three awarded across the state; Claremont one of three
Bob Knittler the innovation fellow who put together the plan with extensive coordination with school
prospectus approved by three member panel (superintendent, EAW president, member of School Committee)
Hall (principal): gives me great pleasure to present this synopsis of the plan
Knittle: all honors college prep curriculum, "built on idea of students as powerful thinkers"
have grades 7 & 8 prepared for all hours
College, Career, & Civic Readiness
each student develop a CCC plan
Gateway performances at grades 8 10 and 12
students to do personal assessment quarterly
early college and career experiences: AP, college courses early, internships related to career interests, civic minded community service
"prepare students for citizenship"
socio-emotional learning and mentorship (with attention to mental and physical health and well-being)
cradle to college innovation zone
tracking alumni: "where they're going and what characteristics they may have been missing along the way to better support our kids"
Powerful collaborative learning: "opening up our classrooms to support each other"
seeing teachers who are teaching same kids, as well as vertical teams to see where they're coming from and going
"where teachers become researchers in their own learning"
"the degree to which it was a participatory event for my faculty"
"amount of participation and involvement my teachers have had very proudly in the creation of this plan"

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