Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Worcester: can you make a quick call for kindergarten IAs, please?

The Massachusetts Senate FY16 budget was released today at noon. While I'll have more to come on this, there's one quick piece of advocacy Worcester parents and teachers could do that would help the Worcester Public Schools' FY16 budget.

The Massachusetts Senate budget, released today, funds the Quality Kindergarten grant at $1 million for the entire state. Last year, Worcester received $751,388, which paid for 21 instructional assistants in kindergartens across the city. That was with $18 million funding statewide.
We have in our current budget this same (level-funded) amount.
If you have seen the importance of IAs in kindergarten, please contact Senator Chandler and Senator Moore to ask that they work to amend this account (7030-1002).
Senator Chandler 617-722-1544
Senator Moore 617-722-1485
And if this is important to you, and you're in another district, you can find your senator here
More to come on the Senate budget when I have a chance.

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