Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whoops on the Chandler Magnet update

We had a typo in the Chandler Magnet update we got on Friday. It should have read:
Chandler Magnet School:   The school will have all exterior windows and doors replaced as part of the MSBA funded projects.  All exterior doors, gymnasium windows, ADA upgrades and any exterior masonry work will be completed this summer.  Given the size of this project, it was fully anticipated that this work would take two full summers for completion.  The City has already received approval from MSBA to complete this project in Summer 2014.  Other than the work listed above for this summer, all other work will be scheduled and completed next year. 
Thus, gym windows (and all outside doors) replaced this summer (plus bathroom upgrades!); all other windows replaced next summer.
Sorry for the confusion!

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