Thursday, July 18, 2013

Junk teacher evaluation OUT of the House NCLB reauthorization!

Just in tonight: the conservative Republicans in the House have pushed chair of the Ed committee Rep. Kline, and they've gotten him earlier this evening to accept the amendment that removes the requirement that teachers be evaluated by student outcomes. If you need a reminder on the ways in which this sort of assessment of teachers is junk science, read here, or here, or here.  It's a lousy way of evaluating teachers that all the states that took Race to the Top money signed up for. While we haven't had to implement that part yet, it's going to be a disaster.
So taking it out of the national model--heads up Democrats!--is a GOOD IDEA. It is GOOD FOR STUDENTS. It is RESEARCH-BASED.It is something you should support (even if it's coming from the guys with (R) after their names)!

Possible vote on the full bill--which, don't get me wrong, has plenty of lousy stuff in it--tomorrow.

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