Thursday, July 18, 2013

They need some help with math in Chicago

Remember Chicago? Remember how they made their budget based on class sizes of 30? Remember how they closed 50 schools? Remember how that was supposed to do a lot to close the budget gap, but then they cut $94.5 million anyway?
Yeah, that.
The Chicago Public Schools administration has been continuing to say that it has cut Central Office spending by $600 million since 2011. That's kind of amazing, since the Central Office's budget this year is $233 million, an increase from $200 million. And it's got Sarah Karp, for one, trying to figure out where these numbers have come from, which is then followed up by Steve Rhodes.
Most telling quote of all?
CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll admits it would be impossible to find evidence of the reductions in the official budget book. “It is not the way it works,” she says.
You know, maybe if someone out there actually answered to the public in some way, it would work that way...

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