Thursday, July 25, 2013

update on One Library

continue to be working on this project
we continue to work on what's happening with this: met with them and facilities yesterday
two things going on:
(not gotten to the point of defining all the operational aspects)
site evaluations at each site, including timelines
best to have that level of specifics
fundraising continuing for facilities needs; some funding was already secured
Roosevelt is most ready: larger space, newer facilities
Burncoat Prep will be in a mobile unit: making sure that is safe
Goddard has active library space
Tatnuck Magnet: looking at opening space and removing computer room
security issues of keeping space for public access
public access only during non-school hours
working to define what will be out of school hours
will be an MOU relative to all of that happening
financial commitment is through fundraising
closer to when we will be able to have more to say
opening throughout the fall
still working out other details

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