Thursday, July 25, 2013

Twenty-first Century centers report

...which you can find here
Biancheria: applying only for Sullivan Middle? only one site?
Rodrigues: "evolves quicker than others"
"in view of sequestration, a number of changes were occurring"
districts can only apply for one site
looks as though Sullivan would be our best bet
Biancheria: "we've had many success stories with his; unfortunately that we're being limited at this time"
Rodrigues: must be driven by the staff: school level, not administration level
Biancheria: plans for other sites
Boone: "real consequence of sequestration"
monitoring real closely at the federal level
"we're staying on top of what's happening at the federal level, but unless something changes with sequestration..."
Biancheria: "looking for input from the staff members at the sites"
Novick: asks that the information about the loss of services due to sequestration be sent to our Senators as well as to Congressman McGovern

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