Friday, July 19, 2013

Our new mobile food truck!

This morning we unveiled the new Worcester Public Schools mobile food truck at Vernon Hill Park! It went to work on Wednesday of this week. It was donated to us by the Worcester County Food Bank, and funded by the Our Family Foundation of Stop and Shop, 'though the food comes through the USDA.

A lot of our kids in the city are dependent on free breakfast and lunch for healthy eating, and summer can be a hungry time for them. This truck gets breakfast and early dinner out to where kids are.

Any child under 18 can come by the truck when it is there, Monday through Saturday, and be fed, no questions asked.

The food truck is at Vernon Hill Park for breakfast from 10-10:30 am and for dinner from  3-3:30 for dinner. The food truck is at Bennett Field (in Webster Square) from 11-11:30 am for breakfast and 4-4:30 pm for dinner.
The meals (and the truck is equipped to handle 1000 meals at a time) are being prepared in the North High kitchens, and the refrigeration means that we're able to get much more local produce out to our kids!
Currently, only one in seven children eligible for summer food from USDA gets it. That's a lot of hungry kids, so please spread the word!

And if you missed this article from rural Tennessee, demonstrating the importance of these programs, I would urge you to read it. 

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