Thursday, July 25, 2013

School Committee members on mid-year report

Petty thanks O'Connell and Foley for working on the evaluation process
remarks that this will be continued to the next meeting so you won't be hearing from several of us tonight
posting as we go

Monfredo: comments that we should not look at the glass as half full
"found [report] comprehensive and factual"
many parents have remarked on the overall cleanliness of our schools
"continues to be many needs in the system"
"still many parents who do not know how to navigate the system and need help"
surveys are "only effective if we listen to what is being said"
review policy on suspension, reading on level grade 3,
Petty comments again that the item will be held as we only got it about 48 hours ago
O'Connell: motion that the item be held
"stuck me that you can trace several of those initiatives to committee members here"
"you can trace back to every school committee member here tonight" a program or an initiative
"a lot of unglamorous homework" initiatives on their research brought to fulfillment here
help our staff hone their particular skills
"uncompromising culture of achievement and success within all of our schools"
"working hard and doing well"
so "it's not possible to come to school and get by"
suggests that the report be put on the website and that the public be invited to review it and come in August if they have anything to add
Foley: learning process for all involved
taking a good look at this with the superintendent
"is this a good track that we want the superintendent to follow as we move forward" in this new evaluation system?
evaluation of the district, health of the district, moving forward
would like them to be district goals
"looking forward to giving it a through read"
Petty: time to give it in August
Biancheria: appreciate what my colleagues said
receiving this report late Tuesday evening did not give us opportunity to review it
tonight was to discuss the outcomes
more than 48 hours prior to a meeting, "and it wasn't 48 hours"
O'Connell said it was "unglamourous research...I look at it can be glamorous!"
"we have a vision"
opportunities and benefits for every students
lack of communication at times; "in a timely fashion have all information"
asks that we receive it earlier
backup is in the School Committee office "so the public knows that it is available to everyone"
"success of our district is a reflection of our district and our district is a reflection of our superintendent"

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