Monday, July 15, 2013

ESEA reauthorization goes to the floor: WEIGH IN!

ESEA is heading to the floor this week and now is the time to talk to your Representative about it!
Today at 4 pm was the deadline for amendments to the bill that came out of committee; you can find all of those amendments here.  You'll note that among them is Rep. Miller's substitute bill (number 12 in the list) which (as previously noted) is pretty close to much of what the current administration has been doing.
There's also a number of other issues that are hit in these; among them:

  • and one that I'm a bit excited to see: a bipartisan call for an end to the grades 3-8 testing requirement. This is from Rep. Gibson of New York and Rep. Takano of California 

That isn't all of them; that's just the ones that jumped out at me. I would urge you to get in touch with your rep (you can contact them from the House of Representative page) and WEIGH IN!

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