Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mid-cycle report of the Superintendent

written report is here (back up is in the SC office)

On Instructional Leadership
some concern about the timing of when this information was submitted
cycle is not a singular event
some highlights of the information as it was submitted to you
worked to extend these existing goals around these key standards
with our teachers we share what's been our progress on meeting our goals, along with evidence
"working to have superintendent's evaluation data in an online technology tool"
overview of the goals and the four standards
then, following response, a list of evidence
data comes "in mid-to-latter September"
"as we structured these goals, paralleling the district's accountability system, we see that we had a level of alignment that was already in existence"
"as we work to develop goals for the future,one will have to be a professional practice goal and one will have to be an performance goal"
School Committee is "very aware" of the five stage curriculum review; stages one and two this year
evidence presented at standing committee throughout the year
curriculum mapping in buildings
"we've seen increases in the number of students achieving proficiency and above in ELA, math, and science"
"how we approach leadership with the principals"
"assessment, data, and informed decision-making"
"critical piece of this work"
"focus on student attendance and truancy for the district"
worked on Title IX compliance issue
"we've said all along that the educator evaluator system is a work in progress"
working group on evaluation to be put together next year: to collect and monitor best practice in the educator evaluation system
now working with Teachers 21 (who if I recall correctly, have the state contract)
On Management and Operations
2nd shift custodial supervisor; on site review of school cleaning
met expectations of environmental system
annual review of school safety
planning and review of weather early to operations ready
full day professional development for IA's this summer
parental access to schedules; still building Parent Portal
create a policy manual, contracted with MASC for that
fiscal systems: money above the city manager's original allocation
"can't say enough about the power of the City Council's Education committee and the School Committee's Finance and Operations committee"
more input from principals on budgeting
budget update sent today about how our grants are coming in (sorry, just came in today; will post soon! Basically, turns out my figures were  pretty close to right)
middle school sports
bringing more students with autism back into the system
"under my leadership" MSBA facilities repair
Family and Community Engagement
parent academy
"authentic collaboration" with community groups
planned parent expo with CPPAC
cultural competency with staff; additional languages added (now up to 7)
"I meet with families and with individual families and with various stakeholders"
Professional Culture
"had stretch goals in the 2009 version of the Compact...we were certainly in the right place with that"
graduation requirements changed
serving on a bias review process for principals in the future
cites communication as a strength
"every aspect of my work is around a shared vision"
"seen the evidence of that around a shared vision"
"we do a lot about policy maker and decision makers around student work" but don't always include student voice

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