Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Worcester Schools budget before the Council

CFO Zidelis points out the change in how this is presented to the Council
(it now is divided between net school spending and non-net school spending).
"Reduction in the estimated FY13 Net School Spending deficiency" to $427,000
Boone comments that this is her fourth budget before the Council
"very busy and productive year as it relates to the Worcester Public Schools budget"
speaks of joint committee with Education
"addressed a number of longstanding questions about the budget and how the budget works"
"a difference place...we're really talking about where we're going forward"
"working to close that gap"
Economic development as a reason for education
increasing enrollment driving increased state funding; space issues
city's efforts to support the capital work
100th birthday of Rice Square School Celebrated today! Happy birthday, Rice Square!
We have "schools going into their third century of operations"
grateful for city's support
working going forward with MSBA on Nelson Place and on the accelerated repairs
sequestration and declining federal revenues in various grants
strike a balance between moving some of grant work into operational budget, and some having to be cut
"difficult decisions from that end"
"builds on our goal to maintain reasonable class sizes across the district"
looking to expand high school teachers for fall 2013 (shift to MassCore)
adding three nurses
refreshing computers, not only in classrooms, but in offices
Blue Ribbon Panel on technology
two Level 4 schools potentially coming out of Level 4 in fall
transportation: growing district, growing number of students with disabilities
state underfunding particular areas
"Let me very clear: the numbers that we submitted to the City Manager and the City CFO were the numbers from the formula" They aren't a request; they are a state requirement.
reintroduction of athletics at middle school
"address all of the various needs...in our educational system"

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